MORNING DAY 1, Put 30g of starter in a bowl with 30g of warm water and 30g of RYE flour. Cover and leave somewhere for 24hrs or so.

Feed your starter with 15g of water and 15g of rye flour, give it a stir, put back in fridge.

MORNING DAY 2. Then mix in another 200g of VERY GOOD WHITE BREAD flour and 200g of warm water, and leave somewhere warm until tea time.

EVENING DAY 2. Mix in another 500g of VERY GOOD WHITE BREAD flour and 500g of water, 10g of salt, stick it in oiled tins, dust the top WITH RYE FLOWER, leave for 2hrs, then bake on hot as fuck for 15mins, then 210deg for 15mins. BAKE UNTIL INTERNAL TEMPERATURE IS 95DEG C.