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    AssHat of the Week.Winner of the inaugral “Asshat of the Week” is STW’s Tangobravo. A man on a mission it seems (though we’re not sure what the mission is, or who he works for).

    He wins it for three total bollocks posts about our stuff IN THE LAST WEEK. Here (post 20), here and here.

    He’s also quite puzzling and seems to have both a fantastic knowledge of the products of Superstar Components, and Pure Racing. And also knows more than the average chap about import duty.

    Anyhow – Mr Tangobravo – congrats. AssHat #1.

    Tommorow we’ll talk about “OPEN MOLD” stuff, OEM, ODM, the TBG, TBS and other stuff.

    Oh, and if you fancy a read, buy THIS.

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    8:10 pm on August 26, 2009 | 24 Comments | # |


  • Stoner 8:57 am on August 27, 2009 | #

    Member Since
    June 28, 2009 (1 month)

    SSC = TiBolts
    TiBolts warehouse based Lincs LN6 9UH, less than 10 miles from Notts county border.
    TangoBravo = TB
    TiBolts = TB

  • shedfire 9:01 am on August 27, 2009 | #

    Good work. I can tell you like doing crosswords 🙂

  • AB 9:02 am on August 27, 2009 | #

    So are you saying that Tangobravo is our old pal Fruit from Superstar Components?

  • Stoner 9:06 am on August 27, 2009 | #

    crosswords and lynchings.

    cant beat them 🙂

  • shedfire 9:07 am on August 27, 2009 | #

    I have no idea who he is. Stoner’s working looks possible.
    I would hope that Tangobravo is aware of this – http://www.seomoz.org/blog/new-uk-law-criminalizes-stealth-marketing-techniques – specifically ” (22) Falsely claiming or creating the impression that the business is not acting for purposes relating to his trade, business, craft or profession, or falsely representing oneself as a consumer.”

  • Stoner 9:21 am on August 27, 2009 | #


    mobile number ties up with:

    who is Neil Wilkinson who is Fruit of SSC, TiBolts, Taiwanese importer extraordinnaire.

  • AB 9:25 am on August 27, 2009 | #

    I love a good conspiracy!

  • Stoner 9:26 am on August 27, 2009 | #

    google the telephone number shown in tangobravos Marzocchi fork classified on stw.

  • dave 10:01 am on August 27, 2009 | #

    heh heh!

  • TangoBravosMate 10:01 am on August 27, 2009 | #

    Go on sue him, its easy to make bollocks up on the internet. The fact that its true or false doesnt matter, just join in on the STW make up 10 different aliases and talk shite fest. Most of those TSW superstar threads are made up by the same bunch of people, you can plot them on a graph they pop up every few weeks.

    To be honest most of those links are entirely true, and you cant argue that most of biking parts is marketing bullshite. If you cant make something genuinely inventive and differnt dont blub in your beer when somone points it out to you.

  • TangoBravosOtherMate 10:02 am on August 27, 2009 | #

    oh look at me ive changed my name, but am i the same person as above?

  • shedfire 10:30 am on August 27, 2009 | #

    Yes TBOM – but I can see you have the same IP address as TBM –

    Keep up

  • Stoner 10:37 am on August 27, 2009 | # =

    Hostname: evanslincoln.mezzonet.net

    Lincoln again?

  • donk 10:52 am on August 27, 2009 | #

    Fight! fight! fight!
    interesting underhand goings on
    will you be taking nominations for AOTW#2?

  • matt 10:56 am on August 27, 2009 | #

    so, basically, TB/Fruit’s a shapeshifter?

    I’ll not say what shape he seems to shift into most.

  • shedfire 11:00 am on August 27, 2009 | #

    I really honestly don’t think Tangobravo IS Neil, and have never said such. I cannot believe he would be that stupid, write things so badly, have such bad grammar and punctuation. I actually have a degree of respect for some of what he’s done at superstar.

    I can only think it might be a mate of his, or an aquaintance. But that doesn’t explain the phone number thing – I guess he could have passed his phone on to a friend? I dunno.

    There’s a connection there, between Superstar/TiBolts/Pure and TangoBravo somehow. Or Tangobravo is a really spooky fanboy.

  • Andy M 11:09 am on August 27, 2009 | #

    Was that a legal backpeddle Brant?

  • theoneyouallfear 11:11 am on August 27, 2009 | #

    Why don’t you importers of cheap Taiwanese/Chinese bike bits stop slagging each other off, and try and work together, for the sake of your industry and careers?

    Brant, you’re being just as foolish, having a pop at him. Makes you look like a snidey git. You’re hardly the model of ‘Satisfactory Customer Service’…

  • shedfire 11:14 am on August 27, 2009 | #

    Though I have just had it confirmed that Neil Superstar was using that phone number last summer. Bonkers. I still don’t believe it.

  • shedfire 11:17 am on August 27, 2009 | #

    It’s really odd how this has all spun out. I really wanted Tangobravo to be a clueless keyboard warrior with a grudge. Not someone in the industry. That is indeed quite a shame if it’s true.

  • Zone 9:25 pm on August 28, 2009 | #

    Brant, I’m a bit closer to the scene of the crime than most and with a certain amount contacts in the same location… B-) I’m digging a bit off the net!

    Don’t give the guy to much credit… bank of mum and dad and all that!

  • chunkylafunga 9:49 am on August 29, 2009 | #

    So asshat said the people who make your stuff also make other “interesting” things – hardly insulting

    and its obvious that there are several blatant catalogue products which are the same, and i agree that graphics do not count as product design…

    mountain + molehill = marketing opportunity

    IMHO i think you have stooped as low as TB this time brant

  • shedfire 10:40 am on August 29, 2009 | #

    The thing was, when I posted this, I just thought he was being an asshat. It was actually a bit more contrived (and infact, actually illegal) than that.

  • Jf 11:05 am on September 1, 2009 | #

    If you see when brant posted the “asshat” award… this was before the thread kicked off and the truth was uncovered.

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