• Proposed bridleway creation – Long Causeway, Mankinholes to Rud Lane, Cragg Vale


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    From: Shaun Murray
    Subject: Fwd: Proposed bridleway creation – Long Causeway, Mankinholes to Rud Lane, Cragg Vale


    If you’ve been following the creation of the new bridleway from Mankinholes to Cragg Vale this might be of interest. 

    It is currently a footpath. Calderdale ROW want to make it a bridleway and have resurfaced it/widened it. It’s not been done totally sympathetically to mountain bikers but it’s the first bit of legal bridleway to be added to Calderdale in a very long time. It’s important in that it’s part of a direct route from Todmorden straight to Sowerby Bridge. It’s almost a straight line. So, as Sue put it, please don’t complain about surfacing – it’s extra legal stuff we didn’t have.
    Two councillors however did complain so it’s going to public inquiry.
    a sample of the objections…
    Footpaths need to be protected.
    I have no intention of supporting footpaths being invaded by horses, mountain bikes or any other intrusion such as quad bikes etc!
    I think there are quite a number of bridleways which are currently in need of attention instead of stealing new ones from walkers’ footpaths.
    Who are the “We” who are so “desparate” to create new bridleways?
    Is this some sort of lobby?”
    It shows how clueless the councillor is. Quad bikes?
    The route is actually an old historic packhorse trail called Long Causeway used by horse riders for centuries. It really should be legal already.
    We (as mountain bikers) need to write letters of support for the bridleway creation and send them to Calderdale ROW.
    Please pass this on
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    From: “Sue Hogg” 
    Subject: Fw: Proposed bridleway creation – Long Causeway, Mankinholes to Rud Lane, Cragg Vale



    Dear Shaun,
    This is the  documentation for the bridleway creation from Mankinholes to Cragg Vale as a Pennine Bridleway link.  Calderdale have funding for the work from Yorkshire Forward which they have spent on doing up the section up from Withens Res to Withens Gate (thisawas discussed somewhat critically at the last bridleway group meeting, if you remember).
    Two Calderdale Councillors have objected
    It is unlikely that the two councillors will withdraw their objections, which means the whole thing will have to go to public inquiry. The Calderdale ROW unit needs some letters of support for the creation order.  Can you and some of your mountain bike colleagues write in to say what a good idea it is (and preferably refraining from complaining about the new surface)? 
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    Subject: Proposed bridleway creation – Long Causeway, Mankinholes to Rud Lane, Cragg Vale
    Please  find attached letter, notice, order and plans in relation to the above proposal for any comments by 2 March 2009.
    (For copyright reasons, please note that the plan attached to this email is to be used and copied for the purpose of the consultation only.)
    Clare Briggs – Registry Assistant, Rights of Way
    Calderdale Council
    Engineering Services
    Northgate House, Northgate, Halifax
    HX1 1UN, Tel: 01422 392135



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  • shedfire 5:44 am on April 30, 2009 | #

    Letters to Calderdale ROW.

    Email Sue Leffman



    Attn: Sue Leffman
    Regeneration & Development
    Northgate House
    HX1 1UN

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