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    OK global bike companies. Here’s the numbers for the best riding trail hardtail around. Get copying now! All geometry listed at ride height with 25-30% fork sag.

    Frame Size Top Tube (effective) Head Angle Seat Angle Chainstay BB Drop BB Height with 2.5’s
    16in 23in 67.5deg 73deg 16.73in 0.8in 12.4in
    18in 23.5in 67.5deg 73.5deg 16.73in 0.8in 12.4in
    20in 24in 67.5eg 74deg 16.73in 0.8in 12.4in

    Seat tube diameter :: 34.9mm outside (constant), 31.6mm inside (seatpost size).
    Headtube :: 1.125in standard external.
    Geometry is set for contemporary 140mm travel forks. It will happily take 130’s or 150’s.

    Updated:: Friday late afternoon.
    So – what’s different? Well, it’s a series of tweaks that I’ve not seen anyone combine in one place before. The 67.5deg head angle is pretty slack by most peoples experiences, but combined with a long top tube and a short stem gives a bike that handles incredibly well at speed, through the rough, yet retains a quickness when you need it. It’s great. We recommend at 50-60mm stem.
    Seat angle is steep and gets steeper the bigger the frame. This lets us use a short back end for good stood climbing, but also keeps your weight forward when you’re sat, going up. The steeper seat angle is to stop big lads sitting right back over the back wheel and looping out. It’s the reverse to what normally happens – the other option would be making the rear stays longer on bigger frames, which I didn’t fancy.
    Seat tube is reamed for a 31.6mm post – so that you can get a dropper type post in there. It’s noticeable that a bigger post DOES seem to transmit more shock, but if you’re that offended, shim it to 27.2mm. I like to solidity of it, and the Ti back end definitely takes the edge off. Plus get the saddle out of the way when you’re hammering eh!

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  • jim 11:29 am on March 27, 2009 | #

    Aye up Brant. Its looking good, what does 150mm forks do to the head angle?

  • shedfire 11:31 am on March 27, 2009 | #

    Aye up Jim. Answer = not a great deal. Half a degree off at best. Same on full compression of course. Go for it.

  • Jason 12:04 pm on March 27, 2009 | #

    Will i notice a big difference in climbing with 425mm chainstays rather than 410mm which my frame is.

  • jim 12:04 pm on March 27, 2009 | #

    The angles are very similar to something else which i know rides great, however that has those angles with a 160mm fork so i pressume that with a sorter travel fork the slackness of the head angle will be maintained better through the forks full travel??? Or am I talking balls?
    It would be interesting to compare the too, as in which offers the most advantage coming down, big travel or a slack head.
    Why doesnt the rear hose run on the top tube?

  • shedfire 12:06 pm on March 27, 2009 | #

    Jason – You will get bigger tyres in the back so you will be climbing better. I normally spec 16.9, not 16.5, so it’s quite funny. But it works really well. Too short combined with a short front and slack seat angle means the bike loops out on climbs. This is spot on.

    Jim – so with a 160 on this, it will be a touch slacker. Seat angle will be fine enough. That’s what affects climbing stability.

  • jim 12:15 pm on March 27, 2009 | #

    Any idea what the price is gonna be yet? and any plans for something similar in Alli?

  • shedfire 12:16 pm on March 27, 2009 | #

    Pricing on this will be in line with other Lynskey made Ti frames. We will have an alloy version with 1.5in headset, and steel version with standard headset at around £250.

  • jim 12:22 pm on March 27, 2009 | #

    Nice 🙂 Keep up the good work fella.

  • Carl 10:44 pm on March 27, 2009 | #

    £250 Steeley? How long are we looking at for that release Brant? Will steel carry the 31.6 seatpost too?

  • Jon 10:55 pm on March 27, 2009 | #

    why the 1.5″, not that common at the minute, thought it was the reserve of downhillers and freeriders?

  • shedfire 6:11 am on March 28, 2009 | #

    Steel frame will have standard 27.2mm seatpost. Doing 31.6mm in steel is a bit tough right now. Though we are looking at it for future releases. Alternative is 29.8 post diameter which isn’t really much use for anything. Should be ready early late May.

    1.5in headset builds a really strong stiff front end which also lets you do fun things with internal headsets to adjust ride height. And of course you can use a 1.125in fork in there with an adaptor headset. Ludicrously expensive to do in Ti, Very heavy in steel. So just on the alloy frame.

  • Ian 10:00 pm on April 15, 2009 | #

    The geometry looks spot on Brant. So good to see a steep seat angle and getting steeper for us tall blokes. I’ve got a custom Ti frame with a 74 degree seat angle and its great for me (6’3″ tall) and climbs brilliantly.

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  • graham 4:24 pm on May 28, 2009 | #

    canadian geometry – which is good rmetsx = 68 and 73, cove hustler = 67.5 and 73 worth checking but i think thats the case
    i thnk the new rocky has a really steep seet angle also.
    seems about right to me!!

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