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    Top of the hill and back. It’s getting pretty regular now. However, this was my first post-Wharncliffe ride (it’s been busy), and with a head-down day tommorow working out what I have/haven’t done in the last month, I was after a good one.
    First up – lubed my chain – got some Prolink lube from Blazing Saddles the other day – (walked in – “can I have a bottle of your best chain lube please”) – and was quite impressed. Chain no longer brown. Bonus.
    Rode Sunny Valley (sunny), and managed to clean, properly from the bottom gate to the top gate on Long Causeway. Properly. Not messing. Still a long way off my summer fitness where I can do it in 32:18 on a 29er, but hey.
    Through the gate to Lancashire, and up to Hades top. Stream crossing was green and almost dry. Climb up was slow and draggy. MXers been playing in the gully on the RHS. Looked fun.
    Rode down the gully, swoopy shaley fun. Decided my “vicar’s leg over” was a result of extremely worn cleats. Happened again.
    In one piece, got back to the gate to Yorkshire, and, setting saddle at a nice compromise height, hacked off downwards.
    Hit the entrance to the roughest section fast, then clicked up one, then another, and was just PINNING it through the rocks. Laughing. Finding lines where there weren’t any, and hitting them bang on when I wanted to it.
    And that’s when I realised.

    It’s all about momentum. Mass, movement, direction. And relying on a bobbling about 25lb (ok 28lb) bike to control where I’m going… fuck that.
    If I want to go over there, I will. I weigh LOTS more than that bike. So I’m off that way. Push off that pedal and I’m over there. The bike’ll come. It has to cos I’m holding onto it.

    Steep shaley slope entrance to supergully. Never ridden it before. So just hammered it. I want to. I will. And I did.

    Try it. Just move your body where you want to go. The bike’ll have to come with you.

    Supertacky rubber and stuff helps when you want to steer it to go. But it’s like controlled falling a lot of the time. So just decide where you’re heading and drag the rest of your kit in the same direction.

    Works for me.

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  • greatbigrock 6:03 pm on March 1, 2009 | #

    A “Kovarik moment”

  • Benji 6:28 pm on March 1, 2009 | #

    Big bikes are always good for when you get back on less-big bikes.

    And when you get back on a big bike, you go even radder.

    Repeat to fade.

  • paul4stones 11:37 am on March 2, 2009 | #

    The key part of the famous nutter Johnny Dawes’ rock climbing coaching is, when faced with a hard move, to imagine yourself having done it and the position you will be in. Easy really!

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